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  • I start with 2)  "... , so I should be then able to use statusLabel." Actually, "... , so I should then NOT BE able to use statusLabel" Look, " @synthesize statusLabel = _statusLabel; " basically means "instead of actual name "statusLabel" now use a…
  • This code is not about showing or hiding status bar. What id does is basically the following:switchViewFrame.origin.y += [UIApplication sharedApplication].statusBarFrame.size.height;It moves switchViewController.view below status bar. If you comment…
  • I would suggest you to compare your code with code that comes with the book. I always do that to found what I did wrong. Just unzip the  project from archive and check it out.
  • As far as I understand: 1) You can synthesize a property explicitly in your code, just like you mentioned: @synthesize statusLabel Then you can refer to it in your code as "statusLabel": statusLabel = ... 2) When synthesizing, you can even…
  • No one got it working???
  • I think there is something wrong with constraints in Interface Builder. Once you got a "purple" constraint, you cannot get rid of it. At least, I could not. I had 2 labels that I wanted to be left aligned. Somehow I also got their right alignment, a…
    in Constraints Comment by tym March 2013
  • I have tested it on my iPhone5: the same issue.
  • Thank you for your explanation! Yeah, it's just less work to ctrl+drag instead of typing :) 
  • OK, I found out where the black space comes from: the bounds rectangles dimensions are wrong; they should be as the following: - (void)willAnimateRotationToInterfaceOrientation:(UIInterfaceOrientation) interfaceOrientation duration:(NSTimeInterval)…