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Chapter 11

I hope someone reads this... my last query got zero views, which is not encouraging! Actually, I can understand if this book is not getting the readership it deserves; although OS X evolves a bit more slowly than iOS, the book still looks a bit out of date as it uses Xcode 4 rather than Xcode 5. However, with the exception of auto layout issues, most of the changes are superficial, and the book's many virtues more than make up for the occasional bit of extra work required on the reader's part.

My last query was about using the predicate editor. When I get a little spare time, I will look at that again to see if I can find a solution. I will post my findings; then even if I'm talking to myself at the moment, someone might come across something useful in the future!

Now, on to a new and more show-stopping error. The ColorMix example in Chapter 11 does not work with Xcode 5 / OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Everything seems fine; you can set up the bindings, code and layout as described, but when you open a saved document, none of the data has been persisted, and the colour wells just come up black. This happens both on my own version and on the authors' downloaded version.

A little searching would suggest that this is a bit of a murky area - in fact, Chapter 11 is about the closest thing out there to an up-to-date tutorial on using NSPersistentDocument and CoreData, so it would be a great selling point if this could be fixed!

Any help with this would be very much appreciated.


  • Sorry - this is of course Chapter 12, not 11.
  • OK, I think I have a solution. The problem seems to be simply that the NSObjectController's 'prepares content' flag has not been set. Tick the box, and everything works.
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