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Fullscreen XCode not recommended

On page 12 in Preview you recommend clicking the full screen icon to go full screen mode. Unfortunately, going to full screen mode grays out the second screen with two screens attached to your Mac. This behavior obscures the Preview of the book on the second screen.

I would recommend simply enlarging the XCode window to fill the screen leaving the second screen intact.


  • yes, if we want to follow book and to do hands on its not recommended, may be the author might be thinking people use print book. Times have changed Jack :) :)
  • Just click on the round green button in the top left corner instead of the double arrow in the top-right corner.  It's not 100% full screen (you can see the dock at the bottom), but the window uses the rest of the space, and the second monitor is left alone, so you can see your book.
  • It's true, clicking the upper-right fullscreen button doesn't really work well with multiple screens, since one of them just turns grey! It looks like Apple is solving this in OS X Mavericks, though:
  • I'll take the blame for that one. On a laptop with no external monitors, fullscreen mode is quite useful for getting rid of other distractions, and that's how several chapters were written or revised. When you've got multiple monitors, full-screen mode is far less useful than you'd want, for the reasons you've mentioned!
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