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Second Edition - Apress Alpha Progam

edited September 2012 in Learn Cocoa On The Mac

Can you please post when there's a new version of the alpha book to download? 

There's now notification service from Apress so you have to go your account, download the ebook again and see if it's newer than the one you've got.



  • On page 97 of the alpha 2nd edition, the last 3 paragraphs need more detail and screen shots.

    For example, why do I need to make the Application a delegate of VillainTrackerAppDelegate? The name "VillainTrackerAppDelegate" seems to me to imply that that VillainTrackerAppDelegate is already a delegate of the Application.

    This might become clearer as I progress through the book, but it seems a bit confusing right now.

  • Hi Simon,

    We'll take a look at the issue on page 97.

    When it comes to the alpha program, I'm afraid I don't have any more information about releases than you do! I enjoy working with Apress, but this is one area that their processes still need some improvement.
  • This is one of those stages where you think to yourself; Why am I doing this? How am I suppose to reach this decision with my own project? 

    I found that trying to comprehend how, when and why to implement certain design concepts incredibly difficult. 

    I'm not from a programming background. So, it's often the basics that can be daunting and confusing. 

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