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Vertical Align in XCode IB

I'm just starting with the book. But I noticed an issue that I need to share. First of all sorry about my english, I'm from Spain and this is not my mother tongue.
When in first chapter I tried to center the hello world label, and two blue guidelines appeared like I expected. I released the label and its correctly placed in the center of the view.
But what my surprise when I run the application and the label is below the center in the simulator!!
I can resolve this problem using a constraint "Vertical Center in Container" but in the book says nothing about this issue.
In the simulated metrics I have retina 4, the size inspector shows a size of 320 x 548. 
I'm using XCode 4.6 and I'm using it since i bought the book so I never changed size or other configuration.

Have anyone an explanation to this issue?
thanks in advance

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