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I am currently working through the book and just finished up chapter 4.  While completing the program throughout the project I ran into a lot of issues with constraints in interface builder.  I had a lot of issues getting the button to draw correctly when overlapping the switches.  In addition, the switches kept bouncing above the toggle control.  I managed to work my way through them but I wondered if other folks had similar problems?  I also am wondering what the significance of the purple constraints (purple icon in the dock view) versus the blue ones.  I seem to be unable to delete the purple constraints but the blue ones I was able to remove to clear up my alignment issues.  I guess I am thinking how do you keep these "clean" so as to not cause UI issues when altering a XIB for changes in the future?  Lastly, and this is just a general query, does anyone know if there are settings to turn on the guidelines in interface builder?  My margin dotted line shown throughout the chapter is not displaying (wondering if a setting got bumped off somewhere).  Thanks in advance for anyone who answers.  So far I am really enjoying the book.



  • tymtym
    edited March 2013
    I think there is something wrong with constraints in Interface Builder. Once you got a "purple" constraint, you cannot get rid of it. At least, I could not. I had 2 labels that I wanted to be left aligned. Somehow I also got their right alignment, and fixed width for one of them! The only way to get rid of them was to delete one of them, and place it again. 

    I get a constraints mess especially when I copy interface elements. So, better to place a new one every time instead of copying.
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