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Chapter 7: SingleComponentPickerViewController-issue

Hello, I run
OS X 10.10.2 Yosemite
Xcode 6.3

Implementing the Single-Component Picker

class SingleComponentPickerViewController: UIViewController, UIPickerViewDelegate, UIPickerViewDataSource {

I get an issue: Type 'SingleComponentPickerViewController' does not conform to protocol 'UIPickerViewDataSource'

What could be the reason for this issue?

Since I am stuck here, any hint would be greatly appreciated


  • OK, I learned something, but first I need to tell you that rather than copying the example code, I am typing it
    in. That is why I got the above issue immediately after completing the first line of code. Had I just copied the
    example, then the issue had never been raised.

    My book is of the first printing and yes, I have copied all the Errata from APress. Maybe the newer printing contains a remark, to ignore any issues before completing the Implementation of the Single-Component Picker.

    Case closed!
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