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Stuck on page 147, Binding the Table Display via the Array Controller. Xcode 6.2

Greetings all,

I realize that the book was updated for Xcode 4, but I have Xcode 6.2 installed and I have been able to find my way through the discrepancies until now. Page 147 of the book explains how to bind the table display via the array controller. It starts with 'click the table view by drilling down through the Object Dock on the left side of the Interface Builder canvas, then open the Value binding configuration section in the Bindings Inspector. I don't know which object to bind at this point because the table view object itself does not have a Value section.

Furthermore, once the binding is done, you are supposed to expand the Selection Indices binding configuration section, which I can not find on the table view object or any object under it.

Would anyone know how to do this binding configuration under Xcode 6.2 and if so, explain how.

Many thanks in advance,

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