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Chapter 9 - how to add a results updater

I'm reading beginning iPhone development with swift, and I completed chapter 9 and wrote all the code and correctly checked that it works. 
Now for exercise I'm trying to add a search results updater that should filter all the elements in the root view controller (that contains font family names). First I tried to add a search results updater by implementing a new table view controller able to filter the data, and add a UISearchController as it's done in chapter 9. 

But I realized that if I do this way, then I wouldn't be able to reuse the table view cells that are inside the table view controller in the storyboard file. The cells are linked to a segue that pushes the next table view controller that displays font names. 
So my question is: how do I implement a search results updater able to reuse the cells that are inside RootViewController? 
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