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Chapter 4 ControlFun Keyboards Not Appearing

After placing the Apress_logo, its contraints, and then placing the two labels and their associated text fields, using the Attribute Editor to set the various attributes for the text fields, per the book, and then resolving all of the constraints. I ran the project in the simulator and when I clicked in the text field related to the Name label, no keyboard appeared and I got the following error message in the debug area:

2015-05-20 15:35:22.504 ControlFun[23791:847941] Can't find keyplane that supports type 4 for keyboard iPhone-PortraitChoco-NumberPad; using 2705787216_PortraitChoco_iPhone-Simple-Pad_Default

Message from debugger: Terminated due to signal 15

Any suggestions?


Rich Parker


  • Okay...I didn't read ahead far enough and selecting Hardware->Toggle Software Keyboard now allows the keyboards to show properly.

    Now, I have another problem. When reassigning the UIView class to UIControl and then using the Connections Inspector to create an Action event for the view from "backgroundTap" to the view, clicking on the background when in the simulator doesn't cause the keyboards to go away.

    Any suggestions?

    Rich Parker
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