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Chapter 8: Adding Subviews to the Table View Cell - cannot display SubView

re: Beg iPhone Dev w/Swift 

Can someone confirm that adding a SubView to Table View Cell programmatically works? 

For some reason, this doesn't work for me as I don't see any data. (If there is a way to attach my source to this discussion, I'd be interested.)

Not to nit-pick, but the source that is downloaded from for class file: NameAndColorCell.swift is a bit different.

1.  Download says: override init?(style:, book says override init(style:    ... which I believe is correct
2. And for "required init" , source says super.init(coder: aDecoder), while book says  fatalError("init(coder:) has not been implemented"), which I believe to be correct

Lastly, the only "control-drag' for this section is in Document Outline from View Controller -to- Table View. Please let me know if I am missing a connection. 



  • Unfortunately using a NIB file (NameAndColorCell.xib), also doesn't work.

    In my opinion, wow, NIB files are much simpler!
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