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Begining IOS 8 Development?

I have Begining IOS 3 Development and Begining IOS 6 Development already. I have been away from wriying code for a while and now want t6o get back into it. I have downloaded the latest Xcode 6 and IOS 8 from the App Store. As I really enjoyed the two previous books that I purchased I was just wondering if there will be a book for IOS 8 and a rough date that it might appear. I'm particularly interested in Swift. Thanks for any comments.


  • I received my Beginning iOS Development with Swift (and iOS 8) today.  Lots of work ahead.  Looking forward to it.

  • Yes, the new book for iOS 8 is out now, and it's become two books - one in Objective-C, and one in Swift. It's also gone back to the *original* title, "Beginning iPhone Development". I hope everyone enjoys it!

  • What other books besides "Beginning IOS Development " do we need?
  • I'm just now getting on-board with iOS development using this book as a start. I don't see.much activity in the forum now, but I hope it will pick up as new members start working their way through the book.
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