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BID 7: Chapter 4: Font setting question

I want to make sure I'm not missing something for the Font setting control.....

After figure 4-14, in the 'Text Field Inspector Settings' section, if you go to the 3rd paragraph these is a discussion about the Font setting.  The paragraph starts out: 'The Font setting is divided into three parts'.....  It lists the 3 parts: 1) The control on the right that increments and decrements, 2) The left side that allows you to manually edit font name and size, and 3) the 'T-in-a-box' icon.   I can't figure out what #2 is ('the left side'); I don't see any distinct control there.  Am I missing something.

Btw, I'm using the latest version of Xcode (5.1.1).  Is there a chance there were some minor UI changes from earlier versions that the book is based on?  Thanks for any info.


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