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Beginning iOS 7 Developement Unnoficial Errata (Apress EBook (Viewed in PDF not EPub or Moby))

Hi Everyone;
I am starting this thread to log any code error I believe I have found.
Page 53 Ebook (Page 56 PDF Viewing)
Delete the @Implementation .. @end pair
should actually read???
delete the empty
@interface...@end pair
- Please correct me if I am wrong but the "This is how it should look" shows the @implementation left over and no @interface .. @end pair anymore

Page 113, 114 in Apress Ebook or (116, 117) when its displayed in PDF
You have a action sheet  method like this
- (void)actionSheet:(UIActionSheet *)actionSheet
    if (buttonIndex != [actionSheet cancelButtonIndex]) {
        NSString *msg = nil;
        if ([self.nameField.text length] > 0) {
            msg = [NSString stringWithFormat:
                   @"You can breathe easy, %@, everything went OK.",
} else {
    msg = @"You can breathe easy, everything went OK.";

…… rest of the code removed for brevity

Move the  NSString *msg = nil;  to be outside the beginning of if (buttonIndex != [actionSheet cancelButtonIndex]) {

No 'strut tag to work with msg error' gone

I will add more if I believe I have found any
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