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Chapter 10 - Problem with Predicate Editor

I know this book references Xcode 4, and that I'm working through it with Xcode 5, but it's mainly gone pretty smoothly. The only major difference has been auto layout, but I can live with that for now. Thanks for a great book!

This little thing has me puzzled though: in Chapter 10, I build the QuoteMonger app, and everything works as it should. At the end of the chapter, we save the current predicate in user defaults, and the same predicate comes up again when we quite and relaunch the app. Great. Except that the very top row of the predicate editor (the one that lets the user specify 'any of the following are true' and its variations no longer appears. This problem occurs both in my version, and the downloaded version from the book's website. I've looked at the various options available for configuring the predicate editor, but nothing seems to work.

Any ideas?

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