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Upgrading from Xcode 3.2.5

Hi, I got into writing iPhone apps a while ago. I wrote an app and got it nearly ready for submitting to the app store under iOS 3 before I got distracted. Now a few years later I want to finish the job mostly due to personal pride! I have upgraded to Mavericks, and bought Beginning iOS6 Development. Do I upgrade Xcode to 4.x first, complete the book then upgrade to Xcode 5 or be brave and go straight to Xcode 5. Your advice would be greatly appreciated because my time now is more precious than when I first wrote the app.


  • Sorry, forgot to mention that my current version of Xcode is 3.2.5. Should I install a later version alongside that one and if so how do I get my projects across to the new version. Thanks in advance.
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