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Chapter 13 and Xcode 5

I'm still working my way thru the Beginning iOS6.  While I was working on Chapter 12, I upgraded to Xcode 5.  In Chapter 13, the book says to make sure "to turn off the Use Storyboard option".  But that isn't available under Xcode 5. It automatically adds a storyboard.  What is the best way to proceed with the book under these circumstances.  I've looked at suggestions on how to remove the main.storyboard file, or start with an Empty Project.  Any suggestions out there.




  • I have only started the book, so I am at Chapter 2, but I have the same problem. I cannot start the project without using storyboards.
    Any advice?

  • In the end I decided to download xcode 4.6 from apple, so now everything is like in the book
  • I am using Xcode 5 as well. I've just ignored the part about turning off the use storyboard option and proceeded along. The only differences I've run into so far are that Constraints work differently, they are no longer automatically generated, and there is no File Owner. When you have to create a link between a property and the File Owner, Control-drag to the View Controller instead.
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