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Chapter 9 Nav project part 6 doesn't work

Hi, i implemented the 6th part (presidents) part of the Nav project. when i run it and click the row in the top-level table view that corresponds to the Editable Rows, the names of the presidents do not show in the second-level view controller. i downloaded the source code and tried it to check for any errors, it also didn't work. any fix? i tried to figure out the problem but i couldn't. if any one made it through the project can you please upload the file or spot the error if there is any? Thank you!


  • UPDATE: i downloaded the updated source code and plist for project (as i read in another post, it seems there were a problem with the plist) however i'm still having the same problem. the president are not loading. can please anyone find the error? here is my project. i'll be more than thankful, i don't wanna proceed to the next chapter until i fully understand this project. Thank you! 

  • I believe this is a duplicate of this thread, if it is not please ask again and I'll help.

    // Fredrik
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