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Interface builder iphone screen size

hi, i'm just wondering if is it any possible to change the interface builder's iPhone view/screen from the iPhone 5's 4" to the screen size of it's predecessors. the buttons and labels are getting unaligned  due to the screen aspect ratio difference between the simulator and the interface builder iphone view. and another question just crossed my mind, can we view ipad mini as well at the interface or the simulator ? Thank you! 


  • For your first question, the answer is definitely yes! Just select the view in either your storyboard or nib file, and open the object attributes inspector (opt-cmd4). The uppermost group, "Simulated metrics", contains a "Size" popup where you can pick which one you want.

    For the second question, well, "sort of". You can't do anything really resembling an iPad mini in Interface Builder, but you can in the simulator. Just select Window->Scale->75% to get a view that looks like it's about the right size. If you're running one of the newest Macs with a retina display, that will probably look pretty sharp. Otherwise I guess it might be slightly fuzzy, but should at least let you see the approximate look at roughly the correct size.
  • okay thanks!
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