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Official Errata List for Beginning iOS 6 Development

This posting contains the official errata list for Beginning iOS 6 Development. If you have questions about potential errors in the book that aren't covered here, please start a new discussion. If it turns out to be an actual book problem, I will add it to this list later.

Chapter 3: statusLabel => _statusLabel

There are a few code listings that contain a reference to an instance variable called statusLabel. Unfortunately, the instance variable's true name, since it was created automatically by the compiler based on a property named statusLabel, is actually _statusLabel. You'll see one occurrence of this in the Writing the Action Method section. Replace this:

    statusLabel.text = plainText;

with this:

    _statusLabel.text = plainText;

The other occurrence is in the Adding some style section. Replace this:

    ... [UIFont boldSystemFontOfSize:statusLabel.font.pointSize]

with this:

    ... [UIFont boldSystemFontOfSize:_statusLabel.font.pointSize]

Chapter 7: Adding crunchSoundID;

The first code block on page 216 in chapter 7 is missing the declaration of the second sound identifier. The example code block should be:

    @implementation BIDCustomPickerViewController {

        SystemSoundID winSoundID;

        SystemSoundID crunchSoundID;



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