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Code, Errata?

The latest version of the book list this forum as the locations for code, errata, and discussions. But, there is nothing here. Where might one find these things. It's nice, the way the book moves from line to line, showing us the way the apps develop, but, when there is a problem we need to see a code listing rather pageing back, virtually, trying to follow all the changes and compare them to what currently won't fly.


  • edited January 2013
    As for the errata and discussions: We're just getting started! Except for a few early users, no wider public has known about this forum until the past when when both Beginning iOS 6 Dev and More iOS 6 Dev were published. Welcome aboard, and please post any questions or thoughts you have while working your way through the book.

    For the source code, I'll ask one of the "More" authors for an update.

  • I'm working on getting the code and errata packaged and published.
    Keep coming back!


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