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Problem in Chapter 9

I am working in the Learn Cocoa on the Mac book and I am stuck on Chapter 9 building the QuoteMonger app.

I am running XCode 4.5.2, and I do not have the Automatic GUI Assistant so I am building the GUI for QuoteMonger by myself. But when I create all of the bindings I am running into a small problem. I have the Quote Finder Window all set up as well as the Data Entry Window. All of my quotes are showing up on the Quote Finder page, but when I delete a quote from the Data Entry Page, it doesn't delete it on the Quote Finder page, it only deletes the show's name for that quote in the table view. I'm not sure how to fix this, any help?


  • edited January 2013

  • Hi Benj,

    It's really hard to give any general advice without seeing your project. I can guess that "something is wrong in a nib file", but I know that's not very helpful. However I'd be happy to take a look at your project for you. Either upload it somewhere and send me a link, or email the whole project to me.

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