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edited July 2012 in Meta
The old forum for discussing the various books that I've worked on (Learn Cocoa on the Mac, Beginning iOS 5 Development, etc) suffered a series of scripted attacks around January 2012. It's been off-line ever since, and its future status seems pretty unsure, no one knows if or when the old postings, user accounts, etc will be recovered. Since that forum (indeed, that whole situation) is completely out of my hands, I decided to set up a forum on my own, using the excellent Vanilla Forums software.

Here you'll find a discussion category for each book, where you can ask questions or make any sort of comments. I've also created discussion categories for general Cocoa / Cocoa Touch development questions, and an app showcase where you can show off your skills by letting us see what you've been working on. I'll create other categories as the need arises.

We'll be getting off to a soft start here, as this forum's address will initially just be spread via social networks etc (and eventually a link from the old forum site). In late 2012 new books will come out pointing at this new forum, and things will probably pick up speed at that point.

I hope you enjoy the new forum!
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